Luigi Ligotti's team and partners provide well-structured and professional support when it comes to the planning and restructuring of indoor and outdoor spaces in Lugano and canton Ticino. We put great emphasis on the notion of being part of a city, a territory, a common history.


Respect, environmental awareness, mutual support: these are our design guidelines, as well as those of communal living.

  • Respect for nature, territory and private living needs;
  • Environmental awareness – the brilliance of a creative person who is able to adjust to local customs;
  • Mutual support - spaces that can satisfy the needs of private living by always connecting with urban surroundings.

Architectural design plays a highly central role in a high-level architect firm. For this reason, Luigi Ligotti dedicates all his time and expertise to design in order to ensure outstanding results.

Planning means studying, preparing and organising data in order to achieve a specific goal. It is of fundamental importance in the field of architecture to define the different design stages in order to realise the building.

Key architectural design issues which our architectural firm pays special attention to and takes great care of are:

the function of architecture, which in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, must first satisfy a need and be functional;

location plays a key role in the choice of construction materials as well as researching the setting and architectural planning;

the structure, or the skeleton, is the heart of the building;

lighting, from the simplest to the most complex, majestically influences any architectural work; light sets the mood and can have a magical and even poetic effect on spaces;

materials, the real essence of architecture: be it a simple and common material or an elegant and luxurious one, materials must be used to their fullest constructive and communicative potential, so that they can be an integral part of the architectural concept.


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