Private Villa

100m2 of garden belonging to a villa in Lugano. A complex project with many architectural features, including: a lawn, a grove, a gazebo, a pool with aquatic plants
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Private Courtyard

This project consists of an elegant green vertical wall for a private home.
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The project was to design and create an open space with plants and flowerpots.
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A project for a food and catering company. A glazed structure that slides on rails, designed for the centre of Lugano.
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Private House Garden

Project for a garden of about 300 m² in the Milanese hinterland, which has an excellent south-facing view. The surface was initially empty.
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Shade Garden

This 60 m2 garden distinguishes itself by being entirely in the shade. The creation of this green space called for the study of plants adapted to shady areas and a moist climate.
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Villa Liberty

This historic garden of over 2,500 m2 belongs to an Art Nouveau villa, a key factor for the study and the realisation of the project.
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Elevated Terrace

The project involves the construction of a green space with various supporting elements: teak flooring, flower beds, an inspection chamber and a garden bath.
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The project involves the conceptualisation of an outdoor terrace directly accessible from the house.
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Private Villa Mendrisio

The project involves the restoration of an existing garden
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Villa privata golf club

The project involves the construction of green spaces at the Golf Club in Carimate.
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