Black Beton Home

The building looks like an elegant black monolith. The choice of colour and of such a mighty structure is due to the fact that this is the last area of construction. The impressive presence of Monte Generoso can be felt behind the building.
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Student Housing Mendrisio

The heart of the project is the majestic beech tree in the centre of the courtyard. Besides being very pleasant to the eye, the beech tree is a very important symbolic element of the student's home, calling the idea of wisdom, growth and maturity of the students who live there.
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White stone house

An elegant renovated building from an existing building. The structure bases itself on the linearity of the windows, defining the building's structural integrity.
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Apartments Capolago

Four apartments on four floors, created from the renovation of a preexisting building. In order to go ahead with the renovations the roof had to be removed and work had to start from the upper extremities of the building, then gradually moving downwards to the lower floors.
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Residential building Melano

The building is on three levels: ground floor, first floor and second floor. The structure consists of two open spaces with modular walls.
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House Melano

The property is on three levels: basement, ground floor and first floor. A nice garden was created on the roof and is quite hidden from view of the road, which gives you the space to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and sky.
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Terraced house Melano

There are four apartments with a reinforced concrete structure, built from scratch. Energy efficiency has played a fundamental role in the realisation of this building (triple-glazing, high performing coats of paint, etc.).
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House "country"

A rather old stone structure which has been converted into a house. In order for restructuring to go ahead it was necessary to implement similar procedures to those carried out on homes in Venice.
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Building Balerna

An old preexisting building was restored and a complex of six apartments, each with their own garage, was built.
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Just below the excavation surface was an old well, which, as an objective, was to be kept.
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