Landscape design considers landscape as the highest expression of social organisation and natural systems. Great attention is paid to the risks that may result from the impoverishment and fragmentation of areas with special ecological value as well as changes in shape of: the terrain, the microclimate and the hydrographic system. Landscape architecture seeks to be eco-friendly to nature, by for instance proposing solutions aimed at preventing the use of cement (to avoid the so-called "Reinforced Earth" effect) and encouraging methods to repair uneven or unattractive areas, such as embankments.

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When it comes to landscape architecture, Luigi Ligotti's studio collaborates with Ligotti Landscape. Together they realise green projects and exterior architecture in Ticino and Lombardy.
As with traditional architecture, the conceptual principle of genius loci is especially important in landscape architecture. All geographical and environmental factors that play a part in green spaces and vegetation must be analysed in order to achieve excellent results, namely: the type of soil, the local climate, the surrounding flora and fauna, etc.

Luigi Ligotti finds the best solution for your green spaces in and around Lugano, such as:

For the most sought-after gardens, Luigi Ligotti and his associates can study made-to-measure sculptures and water features together with the customer to create a playful yet sophisticated green area, recalling the great nineteenth-century gardens.

When it comes to landscape architecture it is paramount to have sound knowledge and to accurately select the most suitable flowers according to the specific needs of the client, which must not only be chosen for their aesthetics, but also in terms of flowering and climatic adaptation


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