Architecture is a fact of art, a phenomenon that elicits emotion, beyond the realms of construction problems. Construction means to hold up: Architecture means to move.
(Le Corbusier)
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Loving one's work is the first step to be able to do it really well.

Architecture can be compared to a living organism: the parts of a building or a room can be considered as the organs that allow the structure to "live" and be functional. Just like an organism each part has its own function and role in architecture.

Architect Luigi Ligotti graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio in 2008 under the guidance of architect Mario Botta. Permanently admitted to the profession in Ticino, in 2009 he obtained a Master's in Real Estate Management and is a member of the Swiss real estate assessors, with all its honours, duties, rights and privileges.

A few months before graduating he started his own business. In 2009 he worked on the Restyling Mendrisio project, which aims to improve mobility in the new town, and participated as a conference speaker at an event on the regional links between Mendrisio and Malpensa. In 2010 he followed a CAS course in Real Estate Valuation at the University of SUPSI in Switzerland in order to expand his knowledge in investment and real estate evaluation.

Various projects have been launched in recent years:

2010 Home renovation project in the heart of Arzo
2011-2012 Project and building of a two-family house in Melano/td>
2013 Renovation of two farmhouses in Massagno
Construction of a luxury garage in Massagno
2014-2015 Property development of 4 terraced houses
Real estate promotion of a commercial / administrative building in Melano
2015 Promotion of a 4.1/2 apartment (purchase, renovation and resale) in Breganzona
Project and raising of a floor in a building in Breganzona

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