A rather old stone structure which has been converted into a house. In order for restructuring to go ahead it was necessary to implement similar procedures to those carried out on homes in Venice. The very old floor beams have been stiffened with triangular metal components, which were flown in directly from a company in Verona. The systems were installed (hot and cold water and electric cables) and then a 5cm strengthening layer of concrete was laid down. Then sound and thermal insulation were installed as well as underfloor heating.

Finally, the mortar was cast (a less viscous composition compared to concrete) to level the floor, on top of which the parquet flooring was laid down.

The old roof made of branches has been replaced with a reinforced concrete beam on which the new roof lies, then old tiles were laid down to reflect the rusticness of a country house. All the country style furnishings are tailor-made.

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