Student Housing

Mendrisio, Canton Ticino, Switzerland
Student Housing
Student Housing
Student Housing

The heart of the project is the majestic beech tree in the centre of the courtyard. Besides being very pleasant to the eye, the beech tree is a very important symbolic element of the student's home, calling the idea of wisdom, growth and maturity of the students who live there. The concept of a student's home has been developed around the beech tree, retracing the idea of the cloister with a central garden and the building that surrounds it.

The five floor building was mostly built out of brick, has optimal exposure to the southwest and is in close proximity to the university campus in Mendrisio. Being authentic and simple, brick is a frequently used material in Mendrisio, which is fundamental to construction. The architecture of the building has been designed and constructed by considering light and exposure. Needless to say, the arrangement of the rooms and communal areas has taken into account community dynamics and the requirements of students' private areas.


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